German Design Award Nominee 2014

A video says more

The following videos show how easy the lochness32 hole drilling system is to use. Our drilling template enables you to drill rows of holes at intervals of 32 mm without any problems.
(internal texts in german)

Drilling rows of holes (2:21 min)

Guiding standard woodworking machines (router or hand drill) safely over long rows of holes.

Attaching drawer runners (1:52 min)

Drilling holes simply and quickly for drawer rails.

Pre-drilling and inserting cabinet connectors (1:34 min)

How to drill holes and insert cabinet connectors quickly and accurately.

Centring the router (1:11 min)

Centring the router with the Centering pin with fixed mounting on the sliding plate.

Hole by hole

Hole by hole

Simple but fast with the lochness32 – here, for example, with a firmly mounted router